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Project overview

Thesis title: Children's exposure to food marketing on screens

Masters Student: Belinda Lowe

Supervisors: Dr Moira Smith, Dr Richard Jaine

Advisors: Dr James Stanley

Funding: This thesis will use data collected as part of the HRC funded Kids'Cam project on junk food advertising, and existing national survey data.

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Aim: To identify the nature and extent of food marketing children are exposed to through screens e.g. TV, computers, tablets, and smart phones, during the after-school period (3.30-6.30pm).

Background: The prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing rapidly worldwide, and is currently considered to be the principal health concern for children in developed countries. Accessibility and marketing of unhealthy food to children on screens e.g. television, computers, tablets and mobile phones, has been linked with overweight and obesity as children's food preferences, knowledge, and behaviour are shaped by their environment. Preventing the exposure of children to unhealthy food marketing on screens may help to reduce overweight and obesity, and the health risks that they are associated with.

Data: Approximately 220,000 photos obtained as part of the Kids'Cam project, from 200 children will be analysed to determine the nature and extent of children's exposure to screens during the after school period of 3.30-6.30 on a Thursday afternoon.

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