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Project overview

Thesis title: The nature and extent of alcohol advertising in children's environments

PhD Student: Tim Chambers

Supervisors: Associate Professor Louise Signal, Dr Moira Smith

Advisors: Dr James Stanley, Anaru Waa

Funding: This thesis will use data collected as part of the HRC funded Kids'Cam project on junk food advertising, and existing national survey data. The completion of this thesis is also supported by the University of Otago Special Research PhD Scholarship and Fullbright New Zealand.

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Aim: To examine the nature and extent of alcohol advertising and outlet density in Children's environments.

Background: The immediate and long-term adverse effects of underage consumption and misuse of alcohol are well documented and have been linked to a number of negative health and socioeconomic outcomes. Research has shown a positive association between alcohol advertising and increased youth alcohol consumption and intention to drink. The density and location of alcohol outlets as well as the promotional activity that occurs within them has been linked with increased alcohol related harm, particularly in youth. Preventing the exposure and normalisation of alcohol in children's environment by reducing or preventing this promotional activity and availability of alcohol may reduce the odds of hazardous drinking behaviour in later life.

Data: Approximately 250,000 photos obtained as part of the Kids'Cam project, from a sample of 35 children will be used to see children's exposure to the top five alcohol brands. GPS data will be used to map children's environments in order to establish outlet density in their worlds and around their schools.

Analysis: The photos will be analysed using a semi-automated annotation system which utilises image recognition software and requires partial manual annotation. The GPS data will be utilised in conjunction with GoogleEarth in order to map the proximity and clustering of alcohol outlets in the children's environments.

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