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Our role is to facilitate great postgraduate teaching and supervision in the Division of Humanities.

  • We support Programmes and Schools to create a vibrant postgraduate culture so our students have the best possible postgraduate experience.
  • We develop policy and guidelines for postgraduate matters within the Division, and liaise with the Graduate Research School on matters concerning research degrees.
  • We support Humanities staff, Divisional Services and Administration staff, and the Associate Dean Graduate Studies by assisting with operational matters relating to postgraduate degrees such as:
    • admission requirements, progress reporting, examination processes, changing research details etc.
    • moderation of postgraduate coursework
    • Annual Programme Reviews and Graduating Year Reviews
  • We provide support in the development of proposals for new postgraduate qualifications, papers, and other changes to postgraduate curricula.

The Committee meets monthly and is convened by the Associate Dean Graduate Studies (Humanities) who has delegated authority from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for operational matters concerning taught and research postgraduate degrees.

Terms of Reference and membership

Graduate Studies Committee – Terms of reference and membership


Associate Dean Graduate Studies

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