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I know as well as anyone how daunting it is to leave university to face the job market. My biggest fear, being based in Auckland, was that I would be coming up against a lot of AUT Communications graduates – were my skills going to be enough?

Dana-LumsdenDana Lumsden
BA(Hons) Communication Studies, 2009

The short answer is yes. I am currently working as a Sales Co-ordinator for The Radio Bureau. The Radio Bureau is responsible for the majority of ads you hear on radio up and down the country. My job is varied, but basically I tie up all the loose ends before the ads go to air, and I also organise and supervise on-air promotions.

There are many skills that I have brought to this role, which I attribute directly to my studies at Otago.

The role requires someone who can think laterally and solve problems, or see them before they become problems! With advertising, things can change at any minute, and with deadlines to meet, you must be constantly on your toes. My experience as an Honours student really honed these skills for me; as I conducted both surveys and interviews.

I learned very quickly to problem solve under time constraints. In the media industry, there is little room for shy people. My confidence has been bolstered by the presentations, self-run focus groups, and door-to-door surveys I did in my studies. These have all helped me to build relationships quickly with people from all corners of the industry.

Without an Honours degree, and the experiences I gained from studying at Otago, I would not have landed a job within the media industry as quickly as I did, and I am thankful to the Department for all of its support.

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