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Students walking through the Quadrangle

Jordan DicksonJordan Dickson
Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Theatre Studies)

As a Dunedin local, Jordan was aware of Otago's internationally-renowned Division of Humanities.“I figured, why go elsewhere when there was an amazing university in my own backyard!

“I knew from a very young age I was going to be involved in the performing arts. I left high school with a passion for theatre but no clear path to follow. While I was at Otago I discovered my niche in directing, producing and publicising.”

The blend of theory and practice offered in Theatre Studies meant he graduated with a comprehensive understanding of his “own place in theatrical history.”

“The knowledge of what has come before me and what is happening in theatres around the globe, inspires and informs my own practice constantly – a practice that was honed and developed within the walls of Otago's beautiful Allen Hall Theatre.”

An added bonus of study at Otago was the community and campus atmosphere. More than anything, Otago's people stood out.

“Otago really does attract some of the best of the best, so not only have I made some amazing friends, I've also got to work alongside some incredibly talented professionals that have challenged me to aim higher.”

In this environment he “fully embraced” Dunedin's vibrant arts community, working for organisations such as the Dunedin Fringe, and teaching drama classes.

Jordan completed “a lot of self-directed work” with help from the University and the Theatre Studies programme's lecturers and support staff.

“All my expectations of studying at Otago were definitely met – what I didn't expect was the amazing amount of support that I got all along the way. I'd encourage anyone interested in Theatre Studies and Otago to jump in. Get out there and give it all a go!”

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