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Laura Marwick - English1
Bachelor of Arts and Diploma for Graduates in Advertising. Marketing Communications and Engagement Manager, PaySauce.

It was “practically inevitable” that Laura Marwick would choose to study English.

“I've always loved language and I figured I'd pursue what I cared about and was good at. I wasn't prepared initially for the range of reading and the emphasis on developing your own ability to think critically but then I realised I just needed to spend all my time reading and writing, which was essentially my dream lifestyle anyway.”

Those thinking of studying English should expect to read more than just the dusty classics, she says.

“There are some fascinating papers on offer and you'll be asked to study a massive range of works. I'd go straight from a lecture on the 17th century diary of Samuel Pepys to one on Patti Smith lyrics. I also really recommend Emma Neale's poetry paper.”

“It really is up to you how you want to design your course.”

Laura completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English with a minor in Gender Studies, followed by a Diploma for Graduates in Advertising. After university she become a freelance writer and now works in marketing for a young, fast-growing company.

“My English degree taught me to examine language with much more discipline and to be deliberate both with my words and with crafting an argument. When I began studying advertising and taking my first paid writing jobs, I was really grateful for the persuasiveness and acuity I'd spent three years practising as an undergrad. In English you're also expected to take responsibility for your own deadlines and study management, which helped me later when I went freelancing.”

“For my current role in marketing I have to be able to convince, reassure, excite and inform, in different tones for different contexts and audiences. Advertising taught me why, but English taught me how.“

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