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Shane Wohlers profile photoShane Wohlers
BA (Hons) and MA, English Literature

Shane chose to study at Otago because of the wide range of courses available and for the vibrant atmosphere Dunedin offers its student community. 'Dunedin was a fantastic experience. As New Zealand's only true student city, it offers so much to its student population.'

After graduating with a BA (Hons), Shane completed a Masters degree in English literature. 'I was able to move into fields such as word and image theory, illustrative criticism and inter-arts disciplines and to develop a diverse range of interests: from Chaucer to William Blake and the Romantics, from the epic poetry of John Milton to graphic novels and science fiction.'

Shane was employed by City University London, as an e-learning support developer and consultant and is now Manager, Educational Development Centre at Eastern Institute of Technology. 'My jobs required creative adaptability, the ability to come to creative solutions, and exceptional communication, negotiation and presentation skills. Studying English gave me the skill base and depth of understanding I need to be successful in an emerging and challenging field. Without it, I doubt I would be able to do what I did in the competitive job markets of London and Europe.'

'My studies exposed me to a multitude of ideas and ways of viewing the human condition that has enriched my understanding of the world. It also gave me the ability to look outside myself, to question my beliefs and attitudes, and to examine and explore the perceptions and points of view of others. Studying English at Otago was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It came with the added bonus that when you can spend your days discussing the greatest authors, ideas and art, it doesn't so much feel like studying, but a privilege.'

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