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Australia and New Zealand Slavists' Association 2011 Conference Translations/Transitions

Christchurch, New Zealand
7–8 November 2011


Proposals are invited for papers on any topic related to Slavic studies, from art, culture, and language, to history, politics, and economics. The organizers of the 2011 conference especially invite papers on the theme “Translations/Transitions.”

Such papers might address interactions within and beyond Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia; questions of linguistic change and translation; the translations involved in Slavic modernisms and modernities; the cross-border experiences and cultural, economic, and political changes relating to the shift from the communist to the post-communist eras in Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia; the translational and transitional nature of the Slavic geographical and cultural spaces and their broader implications for world culture, economics, and geopolitics.

Keynote address

The conference organizers are delighted to announce that Gerald Janecek, Professor of Russian Literature at the University of Kentucky and Editor-in-chief of the Slavic and East European Journal, will give the keynote address at the 2011 ANZSA conference.

Conference held at the University of Canterbury

The conference was held on the beautiful Christchurch campus of the University of Canterbury. While Christchurch was hit by a terrible earthquake in February of this year, the University of Canterbury campus suffered only minor damage, and housing and other conference resources are now available. The organizers see the conference itself as making a small contribution to the recovery of this beautiful city after recent tragic events and thank participants in advance for their support.

Hosts and organizers

The conference was jointly hosted by the Russian Programme of the School of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics at the University of Canterbury and the Russian Studies Research Cluster at the University of Otago.

Conveners: Dr Evgeny Pavlov (Canterbury), Dr Jacob Edmond (Otago)
Organizing committee: Dr Erika Wolf (Otago), Prof. Henrietta Mondry (Canterbury), Dr Jim Headley (Otago)

Crossed Lines Symposium: Encounters Between Art, Literature, and Performance

November 10–11, 2011
University of Otago

All sessions open to the public

Thursday November 10

Art History Seminar Room, 97 Albany St

Session 1 8.30am – 10.00am

  • Sharon Matthews - James K. Baxter: The Poet with “A Mind to Be a Playwright.”
  • Bradley Watson - Challenging Representations of Cultural Identity: Saul Williams's Poetry Across Multiple Media.
  • Abid Vali - Yeats'' The Herne's Egg': The Swami, the Poet and the Play.

10.00am Morning tea refreshments provided in the Humanities Common Room

Session 2 10.30am – 12.00 Noon

  • Dr Jacob Edmond - “Conceptual Writing and Performance.”
  • Dr Erika Wolf - “The Best and Most Talented Poet”: The Visual Representation of Vladimir Mayakovksy in USSR in Construction.
  • David Eggleton - A Poem Should Not Mean But Be.

12.00 Noon Lunch refreshments provided in the Humanities Common Room

Session 3 1.00pm – 2.30pm

  • Dr Sandra Muller - Resistance is Fertile: Close Reading New (Multi- and Meta-) Media Poetry Against the Digital Dictate.
  • Dr Peter Stupples - Tairov, Kuznetsov and Sakuntala.
  • Claire Beynon - Waters I Have Known: A Voyage in Poetry and Film.

2.30pm Afternoon tea refreshments provided in the Humanities Common Room

Keynote Lecture 3.30pm – 5pm
Dunedin Public Art Gallery

  • Prof Gerald Janecek - Moscow Performance Art: The Collective Actions Group.

Friday November 11

Art History Seminar Room, 97 Albany St

Session 4 9.00am – 10.30am

  • Dr Jonathan Marshall - Dissecting the Cinematic Body in the Multimedia Performance of the Wooster Group & Brakhage's “The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes.”
  • Catherine Dale - Antonin Artaud: The Impossible Image of a “Body without Organs.”
  • Dr Joe Young - Jacek Yerka's Rhetoric of the Impossible.

~ Convened by Dr Jacob Edmond and Cy Mathews for the Russian Studies Research Cluster and supported by the Department of English ~

2009 Russian Studies Research Cluster Symposium

University of Otago, 3 April 2009

9:00: First Session, Art History & Theory Seminar Room
The seminar room is located at 97 Albany Street (enter from back of building)

Professor Branko Mitrovic, School of Architecture and Landscape, Unitec
The Translation of Renaissance architectural treatises into Russian in the 1930s

Dr. Cecilia Novero, Department of Languages & Cultures, University of Otago
Walter Benjamin Eats Borsch: Figuring the Avant-Garde

10:30 Morning Tea, Humanities Common Room

11:00&;Second Session, Art History & Theory Seminar Room

Dr. Jacob Edmond, Department of English, University of Otago
Cross-cultural Encounter in Contemporary Russian Poetry

Dr. Cilla McQueen, poet and translator for Landfall 213 (Russia)
Some notes on translating poetry from an unfamiliar language

Associate Professor Marcus Williams, School of Design and Visual Arts, Unitec
The Factory of Found Clothing, an artist collective from St Petersburg (a case study)

1:00 Lunch Break (dine on your own)

2:00 Keynote Address, Archway 3 Lecture Theatre

Professor Katerina Clark, Departments of Comparative Literature and of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Yale University

The Visit of Mei Lanfang (Peking Opera) to Moscow in 1935 and the Responses of Bertolt Brecht, Sergei Eisenstein and Sergei Tretiakov

3:30 Afternoon Tea, Humanities Common Room

4:00 Third Session, Art History & Theory Seminar Room

Dr. Jonathan Marshall, Theatre Studies & Performing Arts Studies, Univ. of Otago
Franco-Russian Intellectual Exchanges of the Fin de Siècle Period: Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot in Russia

Dr. Erika Wolf, Department of Art History & History, University of Otago
From USSR in Construction to Soviet Union: The Central Committee responds to the propaganda magazine 'Amerika'

5:30 Drinks and informal discussion at Ombrellos


Thursday 13 November
Burns 3, Arts Building, 95 Albany St

Attendance is free and open to all.

Researchers from the Universities of Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, and Victoria present papers on Russian literature, art, politics, philosophy, and law.

Session A: Russian Values 9:00–11:00

1. Nigel Jamieson (U of Otago),"Text and Context in Russian Legislation"

2. Jim Headley (U of Otago), "Russia and 'European Norms'"

3. Irene Zohrab (Victoria U), “Dostoevsky's Contribution to the Representation of the Russian Campaign on Khiva (1873)”

4. Charles Pigden (U of Otago), "Stavrogin: A Critical Study of an Amoralist"

.....................Morning tea 11:00–11:30.....................

Session B: Russian Modernism and the World 11:30–1:00

1. Mark Swift (U of Auckland), “Chekhov's Eccentrics and Personality Disorders"

2. Stuart Young (U of Otago), "Staging the 'Unstageable': British Rewritings of Chekhov's First Play"

3. Peter Stupples (U of Otago), "Malevich and Vorticism"

.....................Lunch 1:00–2:00.....................

Session C: Journeys to Elsewhere: 2:00–3:30

1. Evgeny Pavlov (U of Canterbury), “The Sixth Sense in Mandelstam's Journey to Armenia”

2. Jacob Edmond (U of Otago), "Dmitry Prigov and the Prigov Family Group: Conceptual Poetry and Contemporary Art as Cross-cultural Concepts"

3. Ruth Diver (U of Auckland), "Nathalie Sarraute's Russian Childhood"

.....................Afternoon tea: 3:30–4:00.....................

For more information, please contact the symposium's convener, Dr Jacob Edmond

This event is sponsored by the Russian Studies Research Cluster, University of Otago, with support from the Department of English and the Department of Languages and Cultures, University of Otago.

2007 Russian Studies Research Cluster Symposium

Wednesday 14 November 2007
Burns Lecture Theatre 4, Arts Building

This symposium was organised by/run in conjunction with the History department.


9:00-9:10 am Opening Address Professor K. Geoffrey White (Research Deputy Vice-Chancellor University Of Otago)

9:10-10:00 am Dr Ian Devereux (Managing Director Rocklabs Ltd, And Chair Of The New Zealand Russia Business Council) "Doing Business In Russia"

10:30-11:30 am Gerald McGhie (former New Zealand Ambassador To The Soviet Union And Russia) "Russia New Zealand Relations At A Time Of Stress"

11:30-12:30 pm Dr Aaron Fox (Independent Historian) "Moscow Rules - Soviet Espionage In New Zealand During The Cold War"

1:30-2:30 pm John Goodliffe (University Of Canterbury) "Changing Russian Perceptions Of New Zealand 1820-1990"

2:30-3:30 pm Assoc Prof Peter Stupples (University Of Otago) "Suprematism In The Antipodes: Malevich In New Zealand"

4:00-5:00 pm Dr Evgeny Pavlov (University Of Canterbury) "Adventures Of New Zealand Poetry In Russia, Or How Mount Taranaki Got Repainted"

For further information, please contact:
Dr Alex Trapeznik (Lecturer)

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