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MHSc PhD(Otago)

Christine Thomson

Professor Christine Thomson has over 40 years research in selenium and iodine in human nutrition. She has now retired from all research and teaching.

Christine Thomson is Emeritus Professor in Human Nutrition. She has been teaching in the Department of Human Nutrition since 1987, and prior to that was on the research staff from 1973. Her qualifications include BHSc in Nutrition and Chemistry, MHSC (Hons) in Nutrition and PhD from the University of Otago. Her post-graduate research included the metabolism and nutritional importance of selenium. Research in this area has continued along with iodine research and interactions between selenium and iodine.

Christine Thomson's research involves studies of the nutritional importance of selenium and iodine for New Zealand residents, which has gained international recognition. The studies include the estimation of selenium requirements, the role of selenium as an antioxidant in the protection against cardiovascular disease, the relationship between our low iodine status, thyroid status and thyroid volume, and the relationship between selenium status and thyroid function. Her research in iodine identified a re-emergence of mild iodine deficiency in New Zealand. She also has had an interest in a number of sports nutrition research topics, and more recently has been involved in the 2008-2009 Adult Nutrition Survey.

Christine's teaching has included trace elements, in particular selenium and iodine, energy balance and various sport and exercise nutrition topics.



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Master of Science

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