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Category Health and Safety
Type Policy
Approved by Vice-Chancellor, June 2017
Date Policy Took Effect 26 June 2017
Last approved revision 30 October 2023
Sponsor Chief Operating Officer
Responsible officer Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing


The purpose of this policy is to outline restrictions on access by children to work areas and activities in order to protect their health and safety.

Organisational scope

This Procedure applies to all University of Otago campuses and all other University work areas.


Any persons under the age of 16 years (unless an enrolled student of the university of Otago).
The University staff member responsible for the child while in the work area.
Confined spaces
As defined by Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard 2845:2001 is an enclosed or partially enclosed space that is at atmospheric pressure during occupancy and is not intended or designed primarily as a place of work, and –
  1. is liable at any time to –
    • Have an atmosphere which contains potentially harmful levels of contaminant;
    • Have an oxygen deficiency or excess or
    • Cause engulfment; and
  2. could have restricted means for entry and exit.


  1. Access by children to the following areas, even while supervised, is strictly prohibited;
    1. Workshops
    2. Photographic and television/film processing facilities (excluding supervised access to media and production sets)
    3. Plant rooms, storerooms, delivery bays and waste storage areas
    4. Roof areas
    5. Confined spaces
    6. Catering kitchens
    7. Construction zones
  2. Access by children to clinical areas and laboratories (including access through laboratories to non-laboratory areas) is not permitted, except as a part of an arranged and approved activity, visit or tour for educational purposes that is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the University of Otago Hazardous Substances and New Organisms-Exempt laboratory manual.
  3. Children may only be brought on Field and Off-Campus Activities in accordance with the requirements of the Field and Off Campus Activities Policy and Guidelines.
  4. Children will only be permitted to work areas on campus (including tearooms, meeting rooms, event spaces) with approval by the parent or guardian’s line manager. When approved to be on site, children must be supervised by their parent or guardian and not any other members of staff.

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