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Once you formally accept a casual appointment with the University (via the on-line CASPER system), it is important we confirm your identity. You will only need to verify in person once in a 12 month period if certain criteria are met.

Verification in person is a quick and simple process at one of our locations involving a few questions and sighting photo ID. If you are based away from one of our campuses, verification can be undertaken via Skype.

Find out if you need to verify in person here

Find out the locations here

Find out the photo ID required here

The department you are joining are not able to undertake this process. Neither are those you have a close association with including family, partner, flatmates, work colleagues, and close friends.

We respect there might be cultural considerations to take into account when verifying your identity.

Find out more about cultural considerations here

Verification must occur to enable you to be employed and paid.

Where to go to verify?

We have trained “Verifiers” at the following locations. You can verify at any of the locations, regardless of which campus you will be working at.

Remember to take at least one of the required forms of photo ID with you.


The AskOtago Central Hub on the ground floor Central Library and the first floor of the Central Library.

Please note this is NOT the ID Card Office.

Any of the AskOtago Service Representatives

Monday to Saturday in-person assistance: 8:30am–5pm
Sunday: Closed
Public Holidays: Closed

ChristchurchThe AskOtago hub (Reception), Ground floor, University of Otago Christchurch Main Campus Building, 2 Riccarton Ave, Christchurch. This is located on south east corner of the Hospital complex.AskOtago Service RepresentativesMonday to Friday 8:30am – 5.00pm
WellingtonThe AskOtago hub (Reception). To confirm the current location please email or tel +64 4 385 5541. Zoom verification is also available.AskOtago Service RepresentativesMonday to Friday 8:30am – 5.00pm

Please email to schedule an appointment for verification. Once confirmed you will receive an appointment.

AdministratorsPlease make an appointment

If you are based away from one of our campuses, verification can be undertaken via Skype. This will be with an HR staff member.

To arrange a Skype verification, please email HR Reception with details of your circumstances, together with your contact information.
HR Reception


What do I need to take with me?

You must have one of the following forms of photo ID with you. They are defined by the NZ Government as “Official ID for proving Age and Identity”.

  • NZ passport
  • Overseas passport
  • NZ photo driver licence
  • NZ firearms licence
  • Hospitality NZ 18+ card
  • NZ Educational Institute Student ID Card
  • Otago University Student ID Card
  • Otago University Staff ID Card

Cultural considerations

While it is important that your full face can be seen for confirming identity, we respect that you may not be comfortable doing so. A headscarf is acceptable provided your full face is visible.

If you would not be comfortable showing your full face to the initial Verifier, please ask if another Verifier is available that would be acceptable to you. We are happy provide a private environment to check the photo ID.

If an acceptable Verifier is not available, please contact Human Resources reception to make alternative arrangements:

Tel +64 3 479 8269


Who does this apply to?

All Casual appointees, and Tutors and Demonstrators, employed via the CASPER system each time they accept an appointment. At this stage it does not apply to 'single one off payments' (SOOP) employed via CASPER.

Do I need to verify each time I accept appointment?

Once you verify in person, any further appointments you accept in the following 12 months will automatically verify if the following criteria match for each appointment:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • IRD number
  • Bank account (including the suffix)

If any of the above differ for an appointment you accept, you will need to verify in person. If your last verification was more than 12 months ago you will need to verify in person.

Can identity be verified for multiple appointments I have accepted, all at once?

Yes, as long as you have formally accepted each appointment via the on-line acceptance functionality in CASPER.

Can I be paid if I haven't been verified?

No, verification is required to complete the employment process.

What happens if I don't verify?

A member of the HR team will make contact with you and the relevant Hiring Manager to discuss your situation.

Can a Hiring Manager or Department undertake the verification?

No, only the trained and approved Verifiers can undertake verification.

Can a Hiring Manager or Department provide verification on my behalf?

No, verification must be undertaken directly with you.

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Key contacts

Human Resources
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64 3 479 8269

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