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Travelling to Dunedin, New Zealand


You or your travel agent will need to book flights all the way through to the final destination of Dunedin Airport.

Depending on the airline you are flying with, your international flight may arrive at Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch airport, where you will transfer to a domestic flight to Dunedin. Ask airport staff for assistance if you have any questions about transferring to your domestic flight.

If your international flight transits in any other country – including Australia – before arriving in New Zealand, make sure you meet any health and transit visa requirements for that country before you start travelling.

Check the Customs guide before you travel so that you know what items you are not allowed to bring into New Zealand.

New Zealand Customs Service

Arriving at Dunedin Airport

Dunedin Airport is about 30 minutes' drive from the city of Dunedin. You will need to organise transport from the airport to your accommodation. There are many options available. Airport Shuttles Dunedin offers a student discount and can be booked online.

Airport Shuttles Dunedin


If your international flight arrives at Christchurch airport, you may travel by bus from Christchurch to Dunedin, instead of taking a domestic flight. The bus trip takes about 6.5 hours (including a one-hour break).

InterCity bus timetables, fares, and information about drop-off points in Dunedin.

Travelling home


It is important that you have the confirmed Exam Timetable before booking any flights out of Dunedin, to ensure that you are in Dunedin for your examinations.

Further information on the University's examination period

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