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The University of Otago is a signatory to The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 (the Code), which supports the wellbeing of tertiary and international learners enrolled with New Zealand education providers.

The Code sets out the requirements that education providers must meet for the wellbeing and safety of their learners.

Copies of the Code are available for download from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website:

Code of Pastoral Care for international students – NZQA

If you have any questions about Otago's obligations under the Code of Practice please contact the International Office.

Please note that there are some cohorts of international students who are not covered by the Code.

Academic Quality Agency and the Committee on University Academic Programmes

The Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand universities (AQA) provides external academic quality assurances for all New Zealand universities via a five-yearly cycle of audits. Audit reports are available from the AQA website.

The Committee on University Academic Programmes (CUAP) considers academic matters across the university system including the exercise of programme approval and moderation procedures, advice and comment on academic developments.

Information about the University of Otago's participation in the AQA and CUAP quality assurance procedures is available on our Quality Advancement Unit website.

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