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Official visits

The International Relations Co-ordinator arranges and organises official visits to the University of Otago.

Whenever possible we are happy to organise official visits to the University – we enjoy showcasing our world-class facilities and our beautiful campus.  Unfortunately there are times when the necessary resources and/or staff are not available and we are unable to do so.

It is really important that you describe the purpose of your visit and what you would like to achieve while you are visiting.  Please note that all meetings will be conducted in English and regretfully the University is not able to provide translators for visitors.

We would really appreciate 3-4 weeks advance notice of your visit to enable scheduling of appropriate meetings and other arrangements.

Timing your visit

The most effective and successful visits are those that are planned during the regular academic year.  This is the time when the campus is staffed with a full complement of faculty and administrators.

Visits are possible during the summer and semester breaks, but as many faculty and administrators are away, not all requests can be accommodated.  Visits during weekends and University holidays when the campus is closed are not possible.

Campus locations

The University of Otago main campus is located in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand (  Dunedin is the home to the academic and administrative centre of the University and this is where the majority of our students reside.

We do have smaller campuses in Wellington (North Island) and Christchurch (South Island) primarily related to postgraduate health sciences and medicine as well as a centre in Auckland.  Most visitors visit our main Dunedin Campus, but we are happy to facilitate visits to our Christchurch and Wellington Campuses if requested.

More information about our Christchurch and Wellington campuses and the Auckland Centre is available at the following websites:

Academic Scholars with a specific or singular scholarly interest should contact the relevant division or department within the University of Otago.  A full list of departments can be found on the University of Otago's subject listing page.

Further information

If you would like more information or you have any questions about arranging an official visit, please contact:


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