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Category Information Technology
Type Procedure
Approved by Vice-Chancellor August 2009
Date Procedure Took Effect 27 August 2009
Last approved revision 8 March 2024
Sponsor Chief Digital Officer
Responsible officer Head of IT Infrastructure


This procedure must be followed to ensure the integrity of the University's network and to protect all users of University systems.

Systems for connecting remote users to a network often provide the user with many of the same privileges as those connected directly to the network.  This requires that the remote computer must adhere to University of Otago Information Technology Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, and be managed in a way that is compatible with standards maintained by other networked computers.

Organisational scope

This Procedure applies University-wide.


Information Technology Services
Virtual Private Network


1. VPN Service

Remote access to the University network should normally be made through the University VPN service. This service is available to authorised users.

The VPN service is considered an extension of the University Network. As such, systems being used from off-campus locations to connect to the VPN service shall be considered part of the University Network. University of Otago Information and Communications Technology Regulations 2014 and Policies shall therefore apply.

2. Use of VPN Service

Use of the VP N service should only occur from trusted computer systems.  This excludes Internet cafes and other such public access computers.

In particular:

  1. The University VPN service is managed and operated by ITS as part of the overall University network infrastructure.
  2. Access to the University VPN service shall be via authenticated login utilising the University Authentication System.
  3. Access shall only be granted for approved users.
  4. Users of the University VPN service are bound by the University Information and Communications Technology Regulations 2014 and Policies. These include, but are not limited to the policies listed as related policies in the following section.
  5. VPN users must not allow other users to access University devices or systems with their account, nor allow other users to route traffic through their VPN connection.

Related policies, procedures and forms

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