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Information: Azure AD Authentication for Blackboard and Moodle Users

Timeframe:  20th November 2023 onwards

Services Affected: Blackboard and Moodle

Audience: All Staff and Students using Blackboard and Moodle


On the 20th of November, users of both Blackboard and Moodle will move to Azure-AD authentication, as with other University applications e.g. Microsoft365.

How does this work for users?

For Blackboard:               Instead of the traditional 'Username' and 'Password' fields, the login page just has a large 'Login' button.

For Moodle:                     The "Log In" link on the Moodle homepage will be replaced by a 'Login' button.

After users click this button:

  • If they are already signed into another AzureAD-authenticated Uni app/system (like Microsoft365, Finance One, CRSM, etc), in the same browser, then they should be logged in to Blackboard/Moodle immediately without having to enter credentials
  • If not already signed in, they'll be guided through the familiar Azure login process (entering an email address, etc) as if signing into their UO Microsoft account.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required off-campus, as with other AzureAD-using apps: Multi-Factor Authentication - AskOtago Service Portal

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this service change. Please contact AskOtago if you have any questions.

CRSM Reference:  UO-00600639

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