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Use the Otago File Transfer service to securely and easily send files to others (within or external to the University) when options such as email or Microsoft 365 OneDrive/Teams are not appropriate/available. You can also use it to allow someone external to the University to securely send files to you.

Otago File Transfer uses your University email address, a web browser (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and the GoAnywhere software. Files are transferred securely via HTTPS and stored on University file servers while waiting to be delivered/received.

All University usernames (staff, student and external) with an email account can access the service and use:

  • Mail – send and receive files to individuals through secure email links.
  • Files – access to authorized files and folders on the server.

Otago File Transfer is also able to provide a secure FTP (SFTP) option if needed, please contact AskOtago if you need this.

For more information, please see the:

Log into Otago File Transfer (via GoAnywhere).

Contact AskOtago if you have any questions or problems.

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