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Mail Express File Drop

Mail Express File Drop is a University of Otago service for quickly and easily sending files to others.

** Check which web browsers are supported for use with Mail Express File Drop

University access

If you have a University of Otago student, staff, or 'external' username (with an associated email address), please use the File send/pickup (Otago) button below to access Mail Express File Drop and log in using your University username and password.

Please do not use the 'Request Account' or 'Lost Password' options on the login webpage. These options do not apply to University students or staff or those with 'external' University usernames.
Please see the 'Forgotten My Password' FAQ
for your password recovery options.

File send/pickup - Otago staff
Mail Express File Drop University of Otago Access

External user access

If you do not have a student, staff, or 'external' University username and want to send files to someone at the University of Otago, or if you have been sent files requiring authentication before they can be downloaded, you need an external Mail Express File Drop account.

Once you have an external Mail Express File Drop account, please use the button below to log in with your email address and password.

File send/pickup - External users
Mail Express File Drop External Access

Sending a file with Mail Express File Drop

To send a file once you have logged in:

  1. Enter the email address of the person you want to send the file(s) to. You can send the file to multiple people at once. Separate each email address with a comma.
  2. Enter the subject details for the email message (required).
  3. Upload your file or files - a maximum of 100 files can be sent at any one time:
    • If your file or files are less than 4GB in total, upload it/them by clicking the Browse button.
    • For files bigger than 4GB, please use the Send Files with Java Upload Manager option (you may be prompted to install Java on your computer).
    • The default (and maximum) expiry time for your files is one week (seven days).
      For more information on the expiry time, see the related FAQ.
  4. Enter some text for the email message that will be sent to the recipient(s) (required).
  5. Click on Send to send the email with a link to the file(s) to the recipient(s). They can then click on the link(s) to download the file(s).


If you are using an external Mail Express File Drop account, you can only send a file to someone with a University of Otago email address.

Getting help with Mail Express File Drop

Please contact ITS if you need assistance with using Mail Express File Drop.

Do you have a question about Mail Express File Drop? Please refer to the AskOtago Service Portal.