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Only use strong passwords and never reuse/recycle passwords.

Be cautious about password 'hints' or 'security questions'

You need to be cautious about password 'hint' or 'security questions' because they could allow someone to gain access to your account and you need to remember your answers.

  • A password hint or security question is used as an additional proof of identity if you forget your password.
  • An attacker could gain access to your account by guessing or researching the answer to your security question.

To avoid this, you should ideally write your own security question so that only you know the answer. However, many websites don't allow you to create your own question. If this is this case, use an answer that is easy to remember but is hard for anyone else to guess.

Also, you should avoid reusing 'hint' or 'security questions' on other services and websites.

An example might be: Question: What was your first pet? /Answer: A purple Toyota Starlet.

What do I need to remember when changing my University of Otago password?

When you change your University of Otago password, any device or application that stores your password (such as desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets e.g. iPads and Android tablets) will still try to use the old password to authenticate. Until all your devices are updated with the new password, your account could be locked. If these devices continue to use your old password, your account will stay locked till they are updated.

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