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Microsoft provides software that enables you to create spreadsheets, word documents, presentations, project plans, flowcharts, and presentations. The Office suite including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Microsoft Office software is available for both Mac and Windows computer platforms.

On this page you will find information about purchasing and licensing Microsoft Office software through Information Technology Services (ITS) including:

Microsoft Office software available through ITS

The Microsoft Open Licence covers the following popular Microsoft Office software products:

Microsoft Office Suites

Please note that there are also a number of similar open source and freeware software products available through ITS. Read more about these products on our open source and freeware webpage.

System requirements for Microsoft Office software

The requirements listed here are for both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

Microsoft Office software usage and licence terms

  • Staff and departments can use Microsoft Office products on University-owned computers.
  • Staff can use Microsoft Office on their home computer for work-related or personal purposes while employed by the University by completing the Staff MCA Office Work At Home Request Form (PDF) Staff must remove the software from their home computer when they cease employment at the University.
  • A perpetual licence is available with the option of purchasing software assurance, which entitles you to any product upgrades over a two-year period.

Prices for Microsoft Office software

University departments

  • There is no cost to departments. The Microsoft Campus Agreement applies University-wide and it is centrally funded. Departments do not need to budget for the cost for software applications covered by the Agreement.
  • There is no cost for staff to use Microsoft Office at home for work-related or personal purposes, but they need to complete the Staff MCA Office Work At Home Request Form (PDF) for licensing reasons.


Ordering Microsoft Office software through ITS

Do you have a question? Please visit the AskOtago Service Portal for more information about Microsoft Office software products.

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