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SAS is an integrated software package that helps you to access, manage, analyse, and present data. SAS is available for the Windows computer platform.

On this page you will find information about purchasing and licensing SAS software through Information Technology Services (ITS) including:

System requirements for SAS software

System requirements for SAS are listed on the SAS website.

SAS software usage and licence terms

  • Staff and students can use SAS software on University-owned computers.
  • Staff can use SAS software on their home computers for University work only. They can only do so while they are employed by the University.
  • Students can only use SAS software on their personal computers for University work while they are studying at the University, and under no circumstances can students use SAS software commercially.
  • An annual licence for SAS software is available through ITS. The licence period is 31 January to 30 January.

Prices for SAS software

University Departments

There is no charge to install SAS on any University-owned computer.

Ordering SAS software through ITS

Please complete the order form on the software licence order forms page to order SAS software from ITS.

Staff and students who wish to use SAS software on their home computer also need to complete and submit the SAS Work at Home application form to ITS.

Do you have a question? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions about the purchasing and licensing of SAS software products

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