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Stata is a an complete statistical software tool that incorporates data analysis, data management and graphics. Stata is available for Windows, Mac and Linux computer platforms.

On this page you will find information about ordering and licensing Stata software through Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) including:

Stata software available through ITSS

Stata/SE 17 is the recommended version of Stata, but there are also different versions of Stata software available.

Please see the information on the Stata website to help you decide which version of the software would best meet your needs.

An annual licence for Stata/SE software is available through ITSS.

System requirements for Stata software

Please see the Stata website for up-to-date system requirements for Stata software.

Stata software usage and licence terms

  • Staff and students can use Stata software on University-owned computers.
  • Staff and students can use Stata on their personally-owned computers for University work only. They can only do so while they are University of Otago employees or students. A separate Stata licence must be requested to be installed onto a personally-owned computer.
  • An annual licence for Stata software is available through ITSS. The licence period is from 1 February to 31 January.

Ordering Stata software through ITSS

University Departments/Staff

Please complete the online Software Order Form to order Stata from ITSS.

Postgraduate students

To request Stata on your own device, please complete the online Student Software Request form. You will need to sign in using your student email.

For University-owned devices, please contact a staff member from your department to complete the online Software Order Form on your behalf.

How to use Stata software

The Stata website offers free video tutorials to help you with using Stata.

The Stata website has FAQs about the software.

Do you have a question? Please see the AskOtago Service Portal for more information about Stata.

Last updated: 9 December 2022

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