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Otago Capture is the University of Otago lecture recording system and has been installed in 45 lecture rooms, including rooms in Wellington and Auckland.

Otago Capture can record the audio and screen of lectures, as well as live-streaming, using Echo360 software and associated hardware devices.

Otago Capture can also be used to interact with students during the lecture, allowing students to add notes, flag items as confusing, and ask questions. Otago Capture also has a hardware device which can record what is displayed by the projector.

Where can I use Otago Capture?

University of Otago staff members can record the audio and screen of lectures using Otago Capture in the following locations:


  • ADSS, Auckland Dental School
  • AK410, Auckland Centre


  • Beaven, UoC



  • D31
  • G75
  • Nordmeyer Lecture Theatre
  • Small Lecture Theatre

Please see the ITS Audiovisual Recording webpage if you also need the video of your lecture recorded (in addition to the screen and audio).

Why use Otago Capture?

  • The current audio recording system in lecture theatres is being replaced by Otago Capture.
  • With Otago Capture you can record screen images and stream your lectures live.
  • It also allows you to easily organise and manage your lecture recordings.

How to get started with Otago Capture

ITS has created a self-service software application which allows you to request and manage your Otago Capture Sections. You can set up the official papers and non-teaching events you are associated with, and the application will guide you though the steps required to set up a new section or edit an existing one:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your University of Otago staff username and password.

Getting help

Visit the Otago Capture Help Site to find out more about using Otago Capture.

Do you have a question? Please visit the AskOtago Service Portal for more information about Otago Capture.

Last Updated: 26 August 2020
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