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Information Technology Services (ITS) can help you make the best decisions about the design of your specialist teaching facilities so that these teaching facilities:

  • meet the University of Otago's safety and design standards
  • comply with the University's teaching needs and expectations

ITS can work with you to arrive at the best:

  • teaching room design
  • teaching room automation
  • audiovisual systems

Teaching room design

You will need to consider the following factors when designing a teaching room:

  • acoustics
  • function
  • furniture and equipment
  • layout and shape
  • lighting, cabling and electrics

Teaching room automation design

Centrally-operated automation can control:

  • lighting levels
  • motorised blinds and screens
  • environmental management
  • communication between these subsystems

Audiovisual systems consultation

ITS can consult on many aspects of audiovisual systems, for example:

  • audio and video equipment
  • signalling specifications
  • audio reinforcement

ITS can also provide you with advice about management, contacts and tendering for your teaching room project.

To find out more about teaching room design and consultation, please contact ITS Audiovisual Services:

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