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New/replacement desktop phones and University PABX (4-digit) extensions are no longer being provided, except in some special circumstances. This is because our PABX systems are at the end of their life. Telephony functionality will now generally be provided by Microsoft 365 Teams Calling. This means staff can use the Microsoft 365 Teams application like a normal phone to make and receive external calls on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever there is Internet.

What does this mean for you?

  • Not being tied to a specific physical phone, in a specific office, on a specific campus
  • Getting an email every time you have a voicemail message, with a transcript and audio of the message (you can also choose not to let callers leave messages)
  • Just typing a person's name to find and call them if they are in your contacts or using Teams at our University
  • Not having to dial 1 to call someone outside our University (including for 111) – but you will need to use the area/international code (03, 0061, etc.)

During 2023 we will be migrating existing desktop phones and extensions to Teams Calling. Before people are migrated, we will be in contact with your department to understand the current situation and ensure the same functionality continues to be provided.

Want to know more?

For more Teams Calling information and online training resources, please visit the University of Otago blogsite Introducing MS Teams Calling. Login with your University staff username and password.

Staff can also login to the AskOtago Portal and access several how to guides for using Microsoft teams calling. Get started with Microsoft Teams Calling—Making and Receiving Calls.

Legacy desktop phones

To call an external number from your desktop phone on the University of Otago Dunedin campus - dial 1, then the number.

Below are some guides on using the existing desktop phones (currently in the process of being retired):

Contact AskOtago for any questions about desktop phone services and/or Teams Calling.
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