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ITSS Desktop North can extract and deliver sets of University of Otago student ID photo files from the University photo database. These are the photos collected by the Student ID Card Office. They can be supplied to University of Otago departments, however, the photos must be for internal departmental use only unless a relevant exception applies under the Privacy Policy or Privacy Statement. They are not permitted to be placed on public noticeboards, databases, or websites.

Please note that some student photos might not be available. Photos are taken when the student applies for a student ID card, therefore photos for distance students or requests made before Course Approval has been completed cannot be supplied.

Information you need to supply

You can request student ID photos sets by class, or supply a specific list of student ID numbers or student usernames to be used. The first time you make a student ID photo set request, please include:

  • your name
  • your department
  • a contact phone number
  • your University of Otago staff username
  • University of Otago email address
  • the name or paper code of the paper(s) for which you require student ID photos
    attach a list of student ID numbers
    attach a list of student usernames.
    If you provide a list, please supply it as either a text file with each student ID or username on a separate line, or in a single column MS Excel spreadsheet.

For subsequent requests, please provide:

  • the paper(s) for which you require student ID photos
    an attached list of student ID numbers
    OR an attached list of student usernames

Please email your photo requests to Desktop Support (Corporate) at:

How do I receive my photos?

The student ID photos will be delivered to you as a compressed .zip file via a web link. You will be required to enter your University username and password before you can download the file(s).

The extracted photos are in JPG format. Each file is named nnnnnnn.jpg or xxxxxnnn.jpg (where 'nnnnnnn' is the student ID number and 'xxxxxnnn' is the student username).

All photos in the ID list are extracted to a single 'folder', so if you need to separate them for any reason, you will need to do this manually yourself, or you can supply us with separate ID lists to run. Included with each folder is a copy of the class list (or ID list) used to compile the photos, and if there are any photos missing there will also be an error report detailing the unavailable photos.

More information

Please contact ITSS Desktop Support North for further information about ordering electronic versions of student ID photo sets for your department.

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