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The University of Otago is an Identity Provider (IdP) and member of the
Tuakiri New Zealand Access Federation
. This membership allows University of Otago researchers to access secure web-based resources (such as journals, publications and other media) from other research institutions using their University of Otago username and password. These credentials are verified by the Shibboleth system and a digital ID card sent to the external institution with information to use for granting access.

How the Tuakiri system works

When you access a web-based service provided by a Service Provider (SP) of the Tuakiri federation, for example a restricted-access website at another University:

  1. You are redirected to a Tuakiri page asking you which institution you are from, and you select 'University of Otago'.
  2. You are redirected to the University of Otago IdP login webpage, where you then log in using your University of Otago username and password. The Shibboleth system will supply a digital ID card to the SP to authenticate your credentials.
  3. If you meet the access-restrictions the service provider has set (e.g. only staff at University of Otago are allowed access) your access to the resource will be granted by the SP.

Please note that the external SP will never see your login information, only those verification details that are required for access (such as your name and if you are a staff member, etc.).

Do you have a question? Please visit the AskOtago Service Portal about identity federation and access

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