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Please note: the following table is provided only as an example. You must contact the Global Studies co-ordinator to work out your own individual programme.

Teaching and learning

Major in Global Studies, minor in Linguistics (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL))

Jasmine – English teacher in Japan

Jasmine's dream is to live and work in Japan as an English teacher. She loves Japanese culture, but never studied the language before.

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Core Global


Approved regional and career pathways

Other: Minor in Linguistics (TESOL)

Year Core Global Language-acquisition Regional and career pathways Minor in Linguistics (TESOL)
1 GLBL 101
Introduction to Intercultural Communication
JAPA 131
Introductory Japanese 1
JAPA 132
Introductory Japanese 2
ASIA 101
Introducing Asia
Big Picture
ANTH 105
Global and Local Cultures
LING 111
A World of
LING 112
Power at Work in Language
2 GLBL 202
A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age
JAPA 231 Intermediate Japanese JAPA 233
Business and Professional Japanese
JAPA 242
Understanding Japanese Culture
Regional Focus
JAPA 343
Issues in Japanese Culture Today
LING 214
LING 231
TESOL: Guide to Language Teaching
3 GLBL 303
Applied Research Project
JAPA 331
Advanced Japanese 1
JAPA 332
Advanced Japanese 2
JAPA 334
Advanced Japanese 3
ASIA 301
Topics in Asian Studies
LING 331
Advanced TESOL:
Branching Out
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