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What to do when you enrol in Global Studies

Because of its multidisciplinary structure, and its focus on applied learning and employability, Global Studies places a great emphasis on individual mentorship to support personal growth and community building.

Contact the Global Studies Director

When you enrol in Global Studies, you first need to talk to the Global Studies Director |Kaituitui Mātai Ao, Professor Paola Voci, about your options and course of studies.

The key components of your course of studies

The course of studies includes a wide range of Business, Humanities and Science approved papers to choose from.

The three key components:

  • Core Global Studies (GLBL) papers (required) – four papers
  • Multidisciplinary papers in your focus areas (regional and career-pathway) – six papers
  • Language and culture competency papers – five papers

Core Global Studies (GLBL) papers

The four core Global Studies (GLBL) papers are required. They provide the essential skills to build the rest of your course of studies on.

In your third year the GLBL303 Applied Research Project paper gives you the opportunity to complete a local or international internship, or an applied research project – either on campus, with a governmental institution or NGO, or in the private sector.

  • GLBL101 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • GLBL201 or GLBL301 Cultures of the Environment
  • GLBL202 or GLBL302 A World of Stories: Global Storytelling in the Digital Age
  • GLBL303 Applied Research Project

Multidisciplinary papers in your focus areas (regional and career-pathway)

Here's your chance to focus on what you care about. You will need to choose six papers from the many exciting approved Humanities, Commerce and Science papers.

The papers have been grouped in the following regional and career-pathway areas:

  • Regional areas: Asia, the Pacific, Europe
  • Career pathways: communication, creative industries, environment and sustainability, government and public administration, human security and development, teaching and learning

Regional focus papers

Here you will find all the approved papers in Global Studies grouped according to their regional focus.

Career-pathway papers

Here you will find all the same approved papers as in the regional lists above. This time they are grouped according to their relevance in your chosen career/employment pathway.

Language and cultural competency papers

Train to be culturally and linguistically literate. Choose five papers from our language and culture offerings.


Choose from a wide range of CHIN papers


Choose from a wide range of FREN papers


Choose from a wide range of GERM papers


Choose from a wide range of JAPA papers


Choose from a wide range of MAOR papers


Choose from a wide range of SPAN papers

Please note: if you have previous knowledge of a language, contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable papers. Talk to the Global Studies Director ( about your options.

Course of studies example tables

Please note: the course of studies tables are provided only as examples. You must contact the Global Studies director ( to work out your own individual programme.

To help plan your course of studies, we have a course planning template and example tables for different major, minor and degree combinations. These are based on the programme requirements.

Programme requirements

Degree tables listing the programme requirements

Example tables

The course of studies example tables

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