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Please note: the following table is provided only as an example. You must contact the Global Studies co-ordinator to work out your own individual programme.

Human rights

Double Degree in Global Studies and Law (BA - Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and LLB - Bachelor of Laws)

Max – International human rights lawyer

Max wants to work as a lawyer for an international human rights organisation. He speaks German and wants to study Spanish.

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Core Global


Approved regional and career pathways


Summer School

Year Papers
1 GLBL 101
Introduction to Intercultural Communication
SPAN 131
Introductory Spanish 1
SPAN 132
Introductory Spanish 2
ENVI 111
Environment and Society
PHIL 103
Ethical Issues
Big Picture
PHIL 105
Critical Thinking

EURO 101
Introduction to European Studies
Regional Focus

LAWS 101
The Legal System
2 LAWS 201
Criminal Law (30pts)
LAWS 202
LAWS of Contract (30pts)
LAWS 203
Criminal Law (30pts)
LAWS 204
Criminal Law (30pts)
3 LAWS 470
Criminal Justice
LAWS 444
Intellectual Property
GLBL 201
Cultures of the
SPAN 231
Spanish 1
SPAN 232
Spanish 2
Interventions, Peacekeeping and the Global South
LAWS 301
Law of Torts
LAWS 302
Jurisprudence (30pts)
4 GLBL 303
Applied Research
SPAN 331
Advanced Spanish 1
SPAN 332
Advanced Spanish 2
PHIL 235
LAWS 409
Private International
LAWS 413
Labour Law
LAWS 406
Civil Procedure
LAWS 421
Environmental Law
Interest Paper
5 LAWS 469
Law and Religion
MANT 343
Negotiation and
Dispute Resolution
LAWS 417
Criminal Justice
LAWS 463
Legal Ethics
LAWS 455
Māori Land Law
LAWS 418
Crime and Property
LAWS 425
Energy Law
LAWS 428
Law and Emerging
LAWS 437
Competition Law
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