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We are a whare full of whāea and mātua who understand that you are away from the security of your whānau and the familiarity of secondary school relationships.

The staff at the Māori Centre will take care of you. We will advocate for you when things get tough. You will have access to professional Māori counsellors who can guide you through times that need extra confidential advice and reassurance. You will feel the aroha and wise counsel from our Māori Chaplain and the security and warmth of our support staff. We are your whanauka. Nau mai. Tauti mai.

Kaitohutohu Māori | Counselling

Our tauira have access to experienced counsellors for free, confidential advice and guidance.

Jenny MillerJenny Miller headshot Nov 2022

Jenny Miller brings experience and knowledge from a range of interesting roles to her work at Te Huka Mātauraka.

After completing a Bachelor of Physical Education at Otago in the 1990s, Jenny lived in Auckland and gained a Diploma of Herbal Medicine. She later returned home to Dunedin and worked as a personal trainer before a decade at Araiteuru Whare Hauora. In 2018 she completed Te Taketake, Diploma of Applied Addictions Counselling and worked in Youth Addictions and Mental Health before coming to Te Huka Mātauraka.

“My counselling work is trauma-informed and draws on various models of practice from Te Whare Tapa Whā and Pōwhiri Poutama to somatic and mindfulness approaches to therapy.”

Jenny encourages tauira to reach out for support.

515 Castle Street North, room G04
Tel: +64 3 479 8283

Amber KalinowskiAmber Kalinowski headshot Nov 2022

Ko Taranaki me Takitimu ōku maunga
Ko Hungatehua me Aprima ōku awa
Ko Kurahoupo me Takitimu ōku waka
Ko Taranaki me Kāi Tahu ōku iwi
Ko Amber Kalinowski tōku ingoa

Amber Kalinowski comes from “a big beautiful, dynamic and complicated whānau” who inspired and supported her to be adventurous and curious about the world, people and their experiences.

She has worked in education, addiction and whānau settings, always with young people at the centre of her mahi.

“My philosophy is deeply rooted in social justice, social construction (society and the messages it tells us) and narratives."

“How terrifyingly exciting that you are coming to Otago. This can be a wondrous place full of potential, new experiences, learnings and relationships. Sometime these things can be challenging to navigate and being away from whānau and whenua can be hard."

“So come have a kōrero, a laugh and tangi in a pretty chilled space. Let us be your whānau away from home.”

515 Castle Street North, room G04
Tel: +64 3 479 8283

Ihupuku Kaimātai Hinengaro | Clinical psychologist interns

Te Huka Mātauraka host clinical psychologist interns. These interns are 6th year students and in their final year of study, on the pathway to qualification and registration as a clinical psychologist in Aotearoa New Zealand. The clinical psychologist interns are available to see tauira at the Centre.

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Kai Honohono | Hauora Connector

Terry Monga Headshot Nov 2022

"Hauora Connect" is based on the Māori health holistic models of practice and tikanga māori.

For example Te Whare Tapa Whā, is a Māori model of practice that encourages you to take care of all the different aspects of your life to support your wellbeing.

Here at Te Huka Mātauraka your Hauora Connector is TeAriki (Terry) Monga.

Terry can support you by:

  • Ensuring your cultural needs are supported and met
  • Delivering a culturally appropriate, non-judgemental, service
  • Ensuring all enquiries are handled in a timely manner
  • Helping navigating you to the most appropriate services
  • Guaranteeing tauira views and kōrero are respected and acknowledged

520 Castle Street North
Tel +64 21 279 0191

Māori Kaiawhi Wairua | Māori chaplains

The campus chaplains offer pastoral care and spiritual support for all students and staff at the University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic.

The Otago Tertiary Chaplains have two dedicated Māori chaplains as part of their team. Care offered by the chaplains is confidential.

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