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Department of Geology

The Department of Geology has a range of web-based resources available for schools.

Take a geological perspective to the Central Otago Rail Trail

Visit the Geology Museum
Open to the public Monday to Friday, it houses an extraordinary collection of rocks, minerals and fossils.

Outreach at Otago GeologyFor more details about the various types of outreach available from the Department of Geology.

Other fields of current research for our geologists

Department of Marine Science

The Department of Marine Science takes public education very seriously, and offers public programmes all year through the Portobello Aquarium. These include programmes for primary, secondary, and gifted and talented pupils. They also offer school resources targeted to every age group.

Visit the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre website

School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences

The School of Physical Education, Sport & Exercise Sciences welcomes visits from prospective students and parents, school groups, and organisations wishing to tour the School at any time throughout the year and at the Tertiary Open Day held in May.  The School features annually in outreach programmes such as Hands-On at Otago and the Otago University Advanced School Sciences Academy.

Visit the School's website for more details

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