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We welcome visits from prospective students and parents. Tours are targeted towards secondary students with an interest in studying one of the majors offered within the School of Physical Education, Sport & Exercise Sciences.

A typical 30-45 minute tour would include a tour through the main laboratory complex (55 Union St West) with an opportunity to view teaching labs and/or a brief demonstrations of some of the key facilities. A course advisor can be available to answer questions as required.

These tours are dependent on teaching schedules and staff availability.

For enquiries and bookings, contact:


It is recommended to do this in conjunction with information and tour of the wider University, please contact the University's Liaison Office for this.

Schools' Liaison Office

Open day and hands-on experiences

Tertiary information day is normally held in May. This is a good opportunity to visit the Otago campus and talk to staff about courses you can take.

Get a taste of Sport and Exercise Sciences with:

The School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences offers students the opportunity to participate in practical sport and exercise sciences and the Otago student life. Discover your passion or enhance your potential in sport and exercise science during the school holidays. Get hands-on experience in biomechanics, exercise physiology and motor behaviour activities. Interact with our researchers, learn about their discoveries and use state of the art equipment and facilities to explore a range of sport and exercise sciences.

High school laboratory experiences

We offer lab experiences to local high schools. The labs have two main foci: Thermoregulation (Biology class - homeostasis focus) and Exercise & Sport Science (PE class – Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology focus).

These highly interactive labs target year 13 students, have an emphasis on applied learning and are typically scheduled as a two hour session at either 9–11am or 1–3pm.

The labs are organised around three separate stations through which each student moves. Each station has a maximum of 12 students, so a total group of around 36.

Thermoregulation lab experience (Biology – homeostasis focus)

  • Station 1 – Flume/plunge pool – Thermoregulation
  • Station 2 – Lab, VO2 Max test on treadmill – Energy expenditure, thermoregulation, heat load
  • Station 3 – Climate Chamber –Acclimatisation, adaptation/ thermoregulation

Exercise and Sport Science lab experience example (PE – Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology focus)

  • Station 1 – Swimming Flume – Drag force in swimming (Biomechanics)
  • Station 2 – VO2 Max test on treadmill (Exercise Physiology)
  • Station 3 – Either Climate Chamber – Acclimatisation/ Thermoregulation, or Standing Long jump with a force plate & High speed camera (dependant on availability)

We have limited opportunities to offer these lab experiences sessions, consequently we can only offer them in February prior to the commencement of the University academic year.

For the exact dates on which the labs are being offered each year and other enquiries, please contact:


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