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The star feature of PML is the reticulated seawater supply. Up to 65 m3 h-1 of ambient seawater (SST ranges from about 7-17 °C seawater), sand filtered to a nominal 10 µm, can be delivered throughout to the site.

Communal spaces are listed below. Current researchers also occupy labs set up to address their specific needs; for more detail individual researchers should be contacted.

Tank room

Reconfigurable space for holding tanks. Most tanks 80-350L. Four recirculating flumes. Lights and air available.

Controlled Temperature and Light (CT) Rooms

Six Controlled Temperature Rooms with a temperature range of 4 ° C - 20 ° C. Flowing seawater at ambient temperatures is available in these rooms.

Biochemistry Laboratory and Instrument Room

Ministry approved Physical Containment Facility (PC2) for work with imported 'risk' and 'uncleared' items. Lab Manager will arrange permits and assist with BACC and other required documentation.

Microbiology Laboratory

Biological Safety Cabinet and fume hood

Reference Collection

The Laboratory's reference collection of authoritatively identified specimens of flora and fauna and supporting literature.

Microscope Room

Houses a photographic microscope and an Image Analyser.

Analytical Instrument Room and Laboratory

High-precision balances, high speed centrifuge, UV-vis spectrometer, fluorimeter, plate reader, pH meters, drying oven, muffle furnace, and fume cupboard, and distilled-de-ionised water.

Sorting suite

8 stations each with a microscope and cold light source and 'Nederman' type fume extraction arm.

Other areas

Outdoor conservatory with running seawater supply
Large holding ponds (150 m3, 250 m3) with seawater supply
4 x 3000 L and 4 x 1000 L round 'salmon' tanks.

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