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Menna Mohamed.

Current position Online MBA IT Technical Support Specialist
Previous positions

Tutor, Marketing Department, University of Otago
Assistant Lecturer, Department of Marketing, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
Examination officer, Central Examination Unit, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Education Current PhD candidate, Department of Marketing, University of Otago
MSc in Business Administration, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
BSc (Hons) in Marketing, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff
Country of origin Egypt

Responsibilities and goals

  • Provide support for Otago Online MBA students and lecturers for online classes to allow lecturers to focus on teaching and students to focus on learning.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues and help resolve them.
  • Log and keep records of the sessions and queries.
  • Stay up to date with features of the video conferencing software used for classes.
  • Support development and review of written instructions for students and lecturers.
  • Provide input on improvements to the Online MBA programme.

Experience and study interests

I consider myself a global citizen, fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel extensively and grow up in different countries, including the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. This upbringing nurtured my love for diversity, networking, and education. There is so much to learn about the world, and countless people to meet.

I am honoured to have been a part of academia and to have served as an educator since my graduation. Teaching provides me with the privilege of transferring my knowledge, experience, and skills to my beloved students. My current research focuses on the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand, a topic I am deeply passionate about due to my love for sustainability and preserving our environment's precious resources. I am genuinely excited about the potential of EVs and feel thrilled to be conducting my studies in the beautiful setting of New Zealand.

Why does Menna like working with the Otago Online MBA ?

I consider it a tremendous privilege to be a member of Otago's Online MBA team, and I anticipate that this experience will offer me intellectual enrichment and a broader perspective. From my perspective, nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace is fundamental to achieving future success. Otago University's Online MBA program actively champions cultural diversity by uniting a varied community of international staff, students, and educators. This dedication to diversity in our teaching methods not only guarantees the delivery of high-quality education but also fosters continual personal development.

I am confident that this role will provide me with opportunities to delve deeper into the evolving virtual landscape. Enabling me to bolster my expertise in IT-related areas, which will prove invaluable in advancing my academic career. Finally, this position extends beyond individual growth as it allows me to gain insights into current information and trends in the business world from internationally certified, top-tier lecturers in the field.

Why does Menna think that Otago Online MBA is a great place to study?

The Otago Online MBA stands out as one of the top MBA programs worldwide. Its excellence is attributed to the school's challenging curriculum, exceptional teaching, devoted faculty, and innovative utilization of digital tools. The Otago Online MBA empowers both faculty and students to customize their educational journey to strike the right balance between work and academia. This program provides students with the flexibility to learn from anywhere, granting them access to a lot of resources to manage their work-study lives effectively.

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