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Khaled Ibrahim profile 2020
Current position Online MBA IT Technical Support Specialist
Previous position Lecturer Assistant in Marketing
Education MSc Advertising and Marketing, Hull University Business School, United Kingdom
Current PhD candidate at the Marketing Department, Otago Business School, New Zealand.
Country of origin Arab Republic of Egypt

Responsibilities and goals

  • Support Otago Online MBA students and lecturers in using Zoom application.

  • Troubleshoot systems and network problems, and solve technical queries both during the sessions and between classes.

  • Log and keep records of the sessions and queries.

  • Stay familiar with all of Zoom’s main up-to-date features.

  • Support development and review of written instructions for students and lecturers.

  • Provide input on improvements to the Online MBA programme.

International work and industry experience

I grew up in Cairo, Egypt where there is a mixture of ancient Egyptian heritage and modern society. I have gained diverse work experience through my role as a teaching assistant in multinational pupil Marketing classes. My international experience continued to expand once I had ventured overseas to Hull, UK. This experience showed me that within class you can see the whole world, through learning about different cultures and how those differences unite us. Currently I am embarking on my PhD journey with two supervisors Dutch and Kiwi, and it’s a beautiful intercontinental collaboration in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why does Khaled like working with the Otago Online MBA?

My passions and interests include culture, business and technology. Culture is very important to me within any role I undertake, to find a role that integrates culture by having a large number of international staff, students and lecturers while enforcing diversity to improve the programme and deliver higher standards of quality is exceptional. While within the business side of the role, having the opportunity to work in the virtual presence of top-notch lecturers world wide is fantastic. Finally, in terms of technology, the inclusion of virtual culture, becoming more rich in knowledge and providing technical support is a once in a lifetime experience.

Why does Khaled think that Otago Online MBA is a great place to study?

As an international student currently studying at Otago Business School, I completely understand that barriers to study include many things; family commitments, Visa requirements, reallocation and work needs. However, I believe Otago as NZ’s #1 business school breaks down these frontiers in many ways so delivering high quality teaching standards at the student’s convenience, location and time. It is the best opportunity to achieve your dreams and unleash your capabilities.