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Current positionOnline MBA IT Technical Support Specialist
Previous positions
  • Teaching: Assistant Lecturer, Teaching Fellow, Tutor – University of Otago
  • Research: Research Assistant – University of Otago Business School
EducationPhD  – Department of Finance and Accountancy, University of Otago
Country of originIran

Responsibilities and goals

  • Support Otago Online MBA students and lecturers in using Zoom application
  • Troubleshoot systems and network problems, and solve technical queries both during the sessions and between classes
  • Log and keep records of the sessions and queries
  • Stay familiar with all of Zoom's main up-to-date features
  • Support development and review of written instructions for students and lecturers
  • Provide input on improvements to the Online MBA programme

International work and industry experience

My career path is a hybrid of both professional service and academia. I joined the University of Otago as a scholarship-awarded doctoral researcher in 2020 to pursue my PhD. My research and experience focus on business analysis, MCSs, and data analytics.

Why does Sam like working with the Otago Online MBA?

I think this is not just about technical support. Being part of the Otago Online MBA is absolutely a good opportunity for me to learn from the extensive knowledge of lecturers and students. This is especially true for me, as I come from the same background. Working with the MBA team, to me, is like having access to unlimited sources of knowledge, thereby building up my hard and soft skills. I love working with a team to achieve a common goal, and hopefully my experience in both the profession and academia enables me to deliver effective support for the team.

Why does Sam think that Otago Online MBA is a great place to study?

At the end of the day, what really matters for doing an MBA is how innovative and broad the course is designed to help you meet the most businesses' needs out there. Otago, as one of the best-ranked MBA providers with its high-profile teaching panel, has ensured that what they offer you in this programme is filled with the most cutting-edge content. Also, the online delivery method of this programme could enhance your learning experience with the flexibility to learn online while still working. I strongly recommend this programme if you're really focused on building your career path successfully.

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