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Yusepaldo Pasharibu.
Current position Online MBA IT Technical Support Specialist
Previous positions Tutor, Department of Marketing, University of Otago, New Zealand
Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Business, Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia
Entrepreneur, Food Distributor, Indonesia
Production Staff & Warehouse Assistant, Melbourne, Australia
Transport/Distribution Supervisor, Food Distributor, Indonesia
Senior Programmer, Indonesia
Education PhD Student (Department of Marketing, University of Otago, New Zealand)
Master of Management (Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia)
Country of origin Indonesia

Responsibilities and goals

  • Provide support for Otago Online MBA students and lecturers for online classes to allow lecturers to focus on teaching and students to focus on learning.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues and help resolve them.
  • Log and keep records of the sessions and queries.
  • Stay up to date with features of the video conferencing software used for classes.
  • Support development and review of written instructions for students and lecturers.
  • Provide input on improvements to the Online MBA programme.

Experience and study interests

Aldo started his career as a senior programmer after finishing study in the field of electronics engineering, majoring in ‘computation’. He is interested in business and had some working experience in several business industries in several cities and countries, including as a transport and distribution supervisor in a food distribution company, a warehouse assistant in the garment industry, a production staff in a cookie factory, and as an entrepreneur in a food distribution enterprise.

During his master's degree, he had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer and came to love sharing knowledge as well as his practical working experience with students. Since then, he has continued his journey as a lecturer and has been in this position since around the year of 2013. Currently, Aldo is pursuing his PhD with the research focus on the role of engagement platform in supporting stakeholders’ value creation.

Why does Aldo like working with the Otago Online MBA ?

Aldo enjoys working in academic environments that at the same time have a professional business atmosphere. He thinks Otago Online MBA is the perfect place with these combinations. So, it's absolutely an honour for him to be able to work and learn from experienced lecturers and experts in the program. A good Otago Online MBA program reputation and the opportunity to meet many people worldwide with their cultural diversity and insight are also things he finds priceless. He also feels his qualifications and his working experience will allow him to make a positive contribution, while he supports students and lecturers in the online teaching and learning programme.

Why does Aldo think that Otago Online MBA is a great place to study?

The achievement of high global top rankings and accreditations that Otago Online MBA has obviously represent a program of high distinct quality. Those things are not easy to achieve, because it needs very high teaching quality components, curriculum, and commitment from all related parties. In addition, since this program is offered worldwide and online, it is also the best place for flexible learning and global networking. All in all, Otago Online MBA is giving the students opportunities to learn, collaborate, create, and even expand their business internationally.

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