Diana Duan image
Position Administrator Client Services
Previous position
Education BA (Chinese Language and Literature; Performing & Screen Arts)
MA (Communication Studies, AUT)
Country of origin China

Goals and mission

  • Collate, assemble, and distribute all course materials for our online CMBA courses
  • Working closely with lecturers and students to ensure the smooth running of the CMBA programme
  • Provide language assistance for our China online MBA programme in partnership with Beacon Education

Reasons Diana enjoys working in the Otago MBA programme

Diana enjoys working closely with colleagues, lecturers, and Beacon Education to ensure a smooth process of China's online MBA programme in all aspects. A crucial part of her role is to act as a communication bridge between Chinese students and the Otago MBA regarding the online courses, providing students with the best possible assistance and guidance regarding CMBA study.

Why does Diana think the Otago MBA is a great study experience?

Ranked as No.1 in New Zealand, the Otago MBA offers a world-class programme with flexible teaching methods to suit students from worldwide. Being born in China and educated in both China and New Zealand, Diana believes that her life experience can be a great bonus to the role to assist Chinese students with their MBA studies.

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