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OUSA's Art Week has been running for more than a decade now.

An annual celebration of the arts at Otago is making its return in August this year.

Art Week 2021 is all set for the second week of August and this year has some exciting new twists on what art means to people and how it can be expressed.

OUSA Events Coordinator Shannon van Rooijen says the event is one of significance to many students and members of the community.

“Art Week has been running for more than a decade now. It's a chance for students to both participate and support other students as well as connecting the community with the students.”

“This year is an exciting one. We have the loved traditions of Brush'n Bevvys at Starters Bar – which is exactly what it sounds like. We also have the art exhibition where students can sell their art and the Art Week Market Day which is a great showcase for how big the community here is.”

Shannon, who studied the arts at Otago herself, says the event is a highlight for many creatives and this year will feature and exciting twist.

“This year we are hosting a DJ workshop where students can come along and learn how to operate the equipment no matter what level they are at and we are then hosting a Future DJ competition.”

“We have recently brought in Wahine in Music which supports minorities who are navigating the music industry. This will be followed by a performance showcasing female and non-binary performers.”

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"Brush n Bevvy's" is a regular tradition that will make a reappearance this year.

The event is supported by the Student Art Club and the team for Thursdays in Black.

“It's exciting to see students come together to support the arts, even if just for one week. This event is important because it's an opportunity for students to experience not only the arts but get to know the community. Whether it's supporting fellow students or having a go themselves, our aim is to introduce them to creative ideas they may not have considered or help students find a starting point for their artistic pursuits.”

Exhibition applications are now open and you can find out more about the events of Art Week on the OUSA website.

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