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Business students won the Innovation Award at the most recent International Queens Entrepreneurs Competition.

Students Georgia Cleaver, Sam Waayer and Jacob Myron won the Innovation Award at the most recent International Queens Entrepreneurs Competition (QEC).

Based in Toronto, Canada, the team zoomed in to compete against 15 other undergraduate students from Harvard, Yale, The University of Hong Kong and The National University of Singapore, by pitching an innovative business idea to a panel of judges from Google, CIBC and Accenture.

"We had an absolute blast and the competition by far exceeded our expectations," Miss Cleaver says.

“We were blown away with how creative and well-established our competitors were and it was an honour to walk away with the innovation award, proving that scalable businesses can be ethical as well as sustainable; it's nice to know people back this idea.”

Along with the award, the students received a $2500CAD prize leaving them feeling “ecstatic”.

Jude Chelliah, Business Case Programme Leader in the Department of Marketing, first reached out to Georgia and encouraged her to form a team and join the competition.

“Georgia had been a keen competitor in our Business Case competition programme in 2021 and so I connected her with the marketing student Sam, and she brought along Jacob as the third member of the team,” Chelliah says.

Chelliah mentored the team as they formulated their business idea and served as the team's main contact for the duration of the competition.

“Not only do students had the opportunity to compete against other teams, but they are also able to network and be mentored by standout business leaders, developing valuable connections for the future,” Chelliah says.

“It is these local and international business case programme's that give students the chance to address significant business problems, think boldly and present compelling solutions.”

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