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An estimated-radiated-energy catalogue for New Zealand seismic events

Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, Staff
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Department seminar, Online and in person
Department of Geology

In seismology, the radiated energy of a seismic event can be interpreted as its rupture propagation potential. This is also a way to assess the stress field at the source, get an estimation of the rupture duration for slow events and detect tsunami earthquakes.

Following previous methods, we have estimated radiated energy at teleseismic distances, we are developing a tool, both for Aotearoa New Zealand catalogue energy studies and near-real-time estimations of source parameters that can be used to improve our response to big earthquakes.

Aside from the tool itself, we hope that building a radiated energy catalogue can bring to light some local variation in the tectonic regime of New Zealand, to either confirm or refine what we already know from a geological perspective.


This seminar will be livestreamed via Zoom at the link below:

Zoom link for seismology seminar 16 April 2024



Matthew Druce


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