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Our Storied Sea: Crafting a Collective Narrative of the Ocean

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Centre for Sustainability

The ocean we “know" represents many things to many people; for some, it is a realm to be feared, for others, it is a resource to be exploited, and yet for others, it is a home to protect. In today's rapidly expanding media landscape, we have the opportunity to participate in the ocean's story as never before.

This seminar will explore the notion of "narrative ownership" and shed light on the ways a shared narrative, inclusive of diverse voices, broadens our depth of knowledge and deepens our relationship with the sea.

Gianna’s research flows from the confluence of science, storytelling and human experience and has culminated in the establishment of the Ocean Media Institute, a non-profit organization that serves to expand the public's understanding of ocean science through the collaborative creation and open distribution of innovative media and artistic approaches to ocean literacy.

About the speaker

Dr Gianna Savoie, University of Otago and Ocean Media Institute

Gianna Savoie is an award-winning producer and writer, National Geographic Explorer and Director of Filmmaking in the Department of Science Communication.

Her Emmy-nominated work has been featured on PBS, National Geographic, BBC and others.

Her research sits at the intersection of ocean science, media and culture and from that vantage, she crafts stories that not only inform, but resonate.

Gianna founded and directs the Ocean Media Institute, a global nonprofit organization that expands the public's engagement in ocean science through innovative and inclusive media.

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