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Supporting Child Safety: Bully-proofing your child

Staff, Parents
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Webinar, Short course
Human Resources

Are you worried about protecting your child from being bullied? If your child was being bullied, would you know what to do? If you’ve experienced bullying as a child or an adult, then you know how frightening and life destroying it can be.

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your children from bullying so they never have to experience that horrible feeling of being picked on, laughed at, excluded or physically harmed.

In this webinar parents and carers learn how to help children develop the skills they need to be bully-proof.

Webinar includes

  • What bullying is and what it isn’t
  • The prevalence of bullying and its many harms
  • Why your child might not tell you they’re being bullied or that they are a bully
  • Practical approaches for parents to help their children overcome bullying
  • Empowering your child with life skills so they become “bully-proof”
  • Question and answer session

By attending this session parents and carers will further their education and awareness of the potential harms of bullying and how to support their children to be bully-proof.

Throughout the 12-month programme you will

  • Receive practical strategies on supporting family wellbeing and managing day-to-day parenting challenges on a range of common issues
  • Learn about research findings on wellbeing, parenting and child development;
  • Enjoy tips to better manage work and family - develop your confidence and skills as a parent so you can reduce family stress and be more focused and productive at work.

You’ll find the complete list of the LIVE interactive webinars and other resources below and in the Work and Family Support Resource Centre.

How the programme works

  1. Register for the programme at the link below with your work email address
    Register for the Work and Family Support webinar series
  2. You will receive an email reminder 1 week prior to the webinar, and the link to join the webinar 1 day and again 1 hour before the session start time with an “add to calendar” option. You can choose to join live or watch a recording at a later time.
  3. Watch the replay in the Resource Centre where you will find podcasts, handouts and articles.

Once you’ve registered, just enter the dates and times into your calendar, so you don’t miss a thing.

12 month Work and Family Support Programme schedule 2024

16 January 20241:00pm–2:00pmGetting Organised: Strategies for managing work and family
20 February 20241:00pm–2:00pmSetting Intentions: Starting the year with clarity, confidence, and conviction
19 March 20241:00pm–2:00pmSupporting Child Safety: Bully-proofing your child
16 April 20241:00pm–2:00pmManaging kids screen time: Strategies for safe technology use
21 May 20211:00pm–2:00pmPersonal Best Parenting: What good parenting is about
18 June 20211:00pm–2:00pmEmpowering children: Developing healthy self-esteem
23 July 20241:00pm–2:00pmTeenagers: Understanding the teen brain. Making sense of their emotions and behaviours
20 August 20241:00pm–2:00pmProblem-solving: Raising children to be proactive problem-solvers
17 September 20241:00pm–2:00pmMental wellbeing: Building positivity into family life
22 October 20241:00pm–2:00pmFamily Wellbeing: Nutrition, exercise, and sleep
19 November 20241:00pm–2:00pmEmotional Regulation: Helping children manage their emotions toddler to teen
10 December 20241:00pm–2:00pmSchool Holidays: Navigating the work and family juggle

Note: New Zealand Daylight Time October–March and New Zealand Standard Time April–September



Carina Perner


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