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Person walking on footpath image

08 Dec 2023

Otago to host World Leisure Congress

Leading international leisure and tourism researchers will visit Dunedin next we...

Siautu Alefaio

07 Dec 2023

Otago appoints first Pacific Professor of Psychology

The University of Otago has appointed Dr Siautu Alefaio as the first Pacific Pro...

Loaf of baked multigrain bread

04 Dec 2023

Whole grains for health study – recruiting people with type 2 diabetes

We all know whole grains are healthier than refined, but what happens if those g...

A takahē with coloured identification bands around its legs, looking directly at the camera

04 Dec 2023

Evolution of takahē mapped for benefit of species

Seventy-five years after they were rediscovered in Aotearoa, University of Otago...

Mai Chen image

29 Nov 2023

The ‘Most Influential’ Mai Chen receives Otago honour

For one of New Zealand’s leading legal minds, returning to her alma mater to rec...

Suzanne Pitama LIME award thumbnail

29 Nov 2023

Professor Suzanne Pitama receives Indigenous medical education award

University of Otago, Christchurch, Dean and Head of Campus Professor Suzanne Pit...

Michael Baker and team Liley medal thumbnail

23 Nov 2023

Liley Medal for Otago-led research to prevent rheumatic fever

Leading epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker and his research team have been r...

Hannah Kessenich and Annika Seppälä image

22 Nov 2023

Study highlights need to keep an eye on the ozone hole

Despite public perception, the Antarctic ozone hole has been remarkably massive...

Jo Hilder image

21 Nov 2023

Making sure older patients are taking the right medication at the right time

New resources have been developed to guide medication reviews for older people o...

Divya Adhia, Indranil Basak, Aniruddha Chatterjee, Silke Neumann collage image

21 Nov 2023

Otago scoops $3.5m in Career Development Awards

The Health Research Council has awarded 20 Otago researchers more than $3.5 mill...

Aerial view of a city, with smoke billowing from factory chimneys

17 Nov 2023

Corporations not disclosing full scope of emissions – study

Most corporations are not reporting the full scope of their carbon footprint wit...

A stream running through a valley. Its banks are grassy, with shrubs and tussocks, but no native trees.

16 Nov 2023

eDNA reveals impacts of deforestation

Deforestation of Aotearoa New Zealand resulted in dramatic biological shifts in...

Ruth Cunningham 2023 image

16 Nov 2023

Study highlights discrimination of mental health patients due to clinician bias

A survey, carried out by University of Otago researchers, reveals a significant...

Niels Kjærgaard image

15 Nov 2023

Otago researcher awarded 2023 Hector Medal

A University of Otago Professor from the Department of Physics has been awarded...

Claire Henry

14 Nov 2023

Rapid rise of endometrial cancer in Aotearoa

Healthcare professionals are concerned about the management of endometrial cance...

Rory Miller thumbnail

10 Nov 2023

Treatment of heart attacks at rural and urban hospitals

Patients who go to urban hospitals after having a heart attack receive more time...

Christchurch campus building image

07 Nov 2023

Type 2 diabetes patients need much more Vitamin C – study

Patients living with Type 2 diabetes – and the healthcare professionals caring f...

Melanie Bussey thumbnail

06 Nov 2023

Independent studies using smart mouthguard data sheds light on playing rugby like never before

World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont has welcomed results from the largest eve...

Many extracted teeth partially buried in sandy dirt image

06 Nov 2023

Discarded teeth offer insight into Victorian-era New Zealand

Four years ago, hundreds of teeth from a past era were uncovered on an Invercarg...

Coins spilling out of a glass jar thumbnail

02 Nov 2023

Instant rebates increase charity donations

New University of Otago research shows people will donate more money to charity...

Megan Leask, Bridgette Toy-Cronin, Andrea Teng composite image

02 Nov 2023

Otago 2023 Marsden recipients announced

Established and emerging Otago researchers have won prestigious research funding...

Helen Morrin thumbnail

01 Nov 2023

Helen Morrin receives award for cancer research

After more than two decades as the Curator of Otago University’s He Taonga Tapu...

Two open books lying on a desk.

01 Nov 2023

Educational outcomes poorer for children with type 1 diabetes

Children in Aotearoa with type 1 diabetes have significantly poorer educational...

Close up of the Clocktower clock at jaunty angle.

27 Oct 2023

Fellowships awarded to five Otago researchers

Five University of Otago researchers are being celebrated with Royal Society Te...

Te Rangihīroa College entrance, incorporating Māori design elements including koru and wheku

27 Oct 2023

Otago opens first new residential college in more than 50 years

The University of Otago’s first new purpose-built residential college in more th...

alcohol generic thumbnail

25 Oct 2023

Strong public support for alcohol policy action

There is considerable support from New Zealanders for government to take policy...

Moana Theodore standing in a garden.

25 Oct 2023

Dunedin Study appoints new Director

The University of Otago is proud to announce the appointment of Associate Profes...

Red poppy flower thumbnail

20 Oct 2023

WWI study reveals true toll on Kiwi soldiers’ health

New Zealand soldiers serving in the First World War endured much higher rates of...

Christchurch hospital entrance.

20 Oct 2023

Paid parental leave helps protect the mental health of new mothers

Becoming a parent is a major life event, but while exciting, it carries a proven...

Illustration of viruses attached to microorganisms image

19 Oct 2023

Scientists uncover new way viruses fight back against bacteria

A microscopic discovery will not only enable scientists to understand the microb...

Indrawati Oey holding some biodegradable plastic and Bridie Allan with printout of a mottled triplefin.

19 Oct 2023

Biodegradable plastics still damaging to fish – Otago study

Biodegradable plastics may not be the solution to plastic pollution many hoped f...

Photograph of a brushtail possum, a marsupial with grey-brown fur, pointed ears and a pointed pink nose with whiskers

18 Oct 2023

Critical step made for managing brushtail possums

Researchers say mapping the genetic code of the brushtail possum will benefit th...

COVID-19 virus depicted as a blue ball covered in red spines stock image

06 Oct 2023

Minimising harms from COVID‑19 and other respiratory infections

Aotearoa New Zealand should implement a comprehensive respiratory infectious dis...

Stock photo of a hospital room with three empty beds image

03 Oct 2023

Call for single gender hospital rooms to protect human rights

The practice of men and women sharing hospital rooms violates human rights and s...

Dr Anja Mizdrak image

02 Oct 2023

Action on alcohol produces significant health gains, modelling shows

Increasing taxes on alcohol, reducing its availability and banning alcohol marke...

Stock photo of a petri dish, surgical mask, syringe and pills

02 Oct 2023

Drug resistant diseases “ticking timebomb” in Oceania

An international group of researchers is calling for urgent intervention and sur...

Tom Bergen 2023 image

29 Sep 2023

New Zealand teens’ physical activity: what can it tell us about staying active for longer?

The level of physical activity among young people in New Zealand varies widely b...

Three children sitting on a mat talking to a teacher image

29 Sep 2023

Educators vital champions of te reo Māori

Early childhood educators in predominantly English-speaking centres play a role...

Wellington cityscape on a sunny day with hills in background.

28 Sep 2023

Two pandemics more than 100 years apart – comparison reveals best strategies for the future

A vigorous elimination strategy should be considered and equity needs to be top...

View of University of Otago clocktower clock face from below-right

27 Sep 2023

Inequalities for Pasifika children highlighted

Pasifika children are disproportionately represented in Aotearoa New Zealand’s c...

Charlotte King Thumbnail

22 Sep 2023

Remains bring stories of the Otago goldfields to life

Findings from the skeletal remains of miners laid to rest in Otago cemeteries in...

University of Otago Clocktower clock face image

21 Sep 2023

Government funding set to boost rural doctor workforce

The number of medical students spending a full year working in a rural or region...

Three glasses of juice image

20 Sep 2023

Substantially less sugar in drinks acceptable to consumers – implications for health

If you think you are partial to sweet drinks, University of Otago researchers wa...

Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman image

19 Sep 2023

Otago researchers rewarded for excellence

The breadth and strengths of University of Otago research is evident in this yea...

Endeavour fund 2023 generic thumbnail

19 Sep 2023

More than $32 million MBIE research funding for Otago

University of Otago researchers have been awarded more than $32 million in the l...

Professor Stuart Brock thumbnail

18 Sep 2023

New Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at Otago

The University of Otago has appointed a new Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), w...

Image of a trophy

12 Sep 2023

Awards celebrate ‘stellar’ Otago students

A powerlifter has won top prize at this year’s Blues and Golds Awards after brea...

Drone image of kids playing in surf

12 Sep 2023

Water safety education in range of environments viable tool to reduce drownings

Combining water safety education in both a swimming pool and open water improves...

Christchurch campus building thumbnail

30 Aug 2023

CMRF Project Grant success for four University of Otago, Christchurch researchers

A simple blood test to replace the need for colonoscopies in children with infla...

Girl sitting on the floor holding knees to chest

25 Aug 2023

Ketamine may help treat depression but use should not become widespread – editorial

Ketamine can be used to manage treatment-resistant depression but researchers wa...

Mindy Chen-Wishart image

17 Aug 2023

Otago alumna ‘delighted’ by honorary degree

Dean of the University of Oxford Faculty of Law and University of Otago alumna,...

Judge Isaac

11 Aug 2023

Honorary degree for former Māori Land Court Chief Judge

After dedicating his career to Māori land law and family law, a University of Ot...

Yellow-eyed penguin walking through grass.

10 Aug 2023

Understanding environment use key to protection of hoiho

Researchers hope a study into how hoiho foraging grounds overlap with commercial...

Alex Tups 2023 image

08 Aug 2023

Laboratory research finds gluten caused brain inflammation

In what is believed to be a world first discovery, University of Otago researche...

Jemma Geoghegan image

07 Aug 2023

New prestigious role for Professor Jemma Geoghegan

After a global search, Professor Jemma Geoghegan has been appointed the Webster...

Close up of Clocktower clock angled from below.

04 Aug 2023

Multiple symptoms in veterans could indicate PTSD – study

A pattern of symptoms in veterans has emerged in a University of Otago study tha...

Christchurch hospital entrance.

04 Aug 2023

Screening age needs to be lowered to combat ‘epidemic’

New Zealand needs to lower the screening age for colorectal cancer if it wants t...

Stock photograph of two people's hands reaching towards each other against a white background

02 Aug 2023

Continuity of care needed from the ‘front of the pathway’ to the back

After undergoing cancer treatment, many survivors deal with a range of psycho-so...

Three stoneflies, two dark and one lighter coloured, sitting on a fern leaf image

01 Aug 2023

When cheating pays – survival strategy of insect uncovered

Researchers have revealed the unique ‘cheating’ strategy a New Zealand insect ha...

Variety of knitted Yum Cha foods on red table cloth.

01 Aug 2023

Carefully crafted exhibition honours Chinese settlers

A lockdown project turned intricate homage to ancestors – the Hocken Collections...

Cows in a paddock of green grass, with mountains in the distance image

28 Jul 2023

Be a ‘good farmer’ or follow new regulations: The struggle for Otago farmers

A new national freshwater policy is causing tension for Otago farmers, as many o...

Professor Suzanne Pitama presents a Matariki staff award to Lauren Wallace.

27 Jul 2023

University of Otago, Christchurch celebrates its very own Matariki “stars”

The weather outside may have been uninspiring but it was all warmth and aroha in...

View of University of Otago clocktower clock face from below-right

26 Jul 2023

Immunity gap likely reason for cluster of NZ whooping cough deaths, experts say

The death of three babies in Aotearoa from whooping cough this year were likely...

Image of Television and remote control

25 Jul 2023

Link found between childhood television watching and adulthood metabolic syndrome

A University of Otago study has added weight to the evidence that watching too m...

University of Otago Clocktower at night

21 Jul 2023

Updated informed consent statement to be introduced by Aotearoa’s two medical schools

A new informed consent statement for medical students in clinical placements wil...

Person vaping and blowing out smoke

21 Jul 2023

Vaping regulations failing children and young people – research letter

As the number of vape retailers in Aotearoa continues to grow – there are now mo...

Logan Walker 2023 image

20 Jul 2023

Otago University-led research delivers more certainty for genetic test diagnoses

Findings from a new international study look set to improve rates of diagnosis f...

Image of forest with sunlight breaking through trees

20 Jul 2023

Demand for offsetting low when carbon credit prices are high - report

New Zealand organisations are motivated to reduce their emissions internally and...

Rural landscape featuring rolling dry grassy hills with trees and blue sky image

12 Jul 2023

Rural residents die at higher rates than those in urban centres – study

People living in rural areas of Aotearoa die at higher rates than those living i...

12 Jul 2023

Pre-operative exercise substantially helps with recovery – study

Study finds that pre-operative exercise substantially helps with recovery with a...

Ōtākou Whakaihu Waka – University of Otago new brand image

11 Jul 2023

New branding for University of Otago

For the first time in 154 years, the University of Otago will substantially chan...

Dunedin campus aerial

11 Jul 2023

Whale of a debate put to rest

Researchers have finally settled a decades-long dispute about the evolutionary o...

10 Jul 2023

Otago researchers make blooming great blood sugar discovery

An extract from dahlia flower petals has been found to stabilise blood sugar lev...

07 Jul 2023

Otago again best university in national educational performance

The University of Otago has once again topped the key Government indicators that...

Dunedin campus aerial

07 Jul 2023

Study shows extent of health inequities

The first study to use Māori-specific data from a nationwide health-related qual...

07 Jul 2023

Kids spending one-third of after-school time on screens, study finds

Regulations are urgently needed to protect children from harm in the unregulated...

Miranda Mirosa and Rachel Brooking thumbnail

06 Jul 2023

Otago receives Government funding to cut food waste in aged care sector

University of Otago researchers aim to contribute to cutting food waste in the a...

Clocktower thumbnail

04 Jul 2023

HRC grants $51 million to Otago researchers

Otago researchers have received a significant $51 million funding boost from the...

Christchurch campus image

29 Jun 2023

Alcohol causes more harm than meth and other illegal drugs – study

New University of Otago, Christchurch, research has found that a legal drug – al...

29 Jun 2023

Huhu hummus and sago salad dressing – potential of insect proteins highlighted in Otago studies

From wild cuisine to a pantry staple – University of Otago research has uncovere...

28 Jun 2023

Vaping a gateway to smoking for non-smokers, research shows

While vaping provides a pathway to help smokers wanting to quit, for non-smokers...

27 Jun 2023

New psychedelic-assisted therapy trial aims to help cancer patients

Finding a way to help terminal cancer patients struggling with depressive though...

27 Jun 2023

DNA discovery may assist in fight against aggressive cancer

In a significant development in the fight against fatal cancers, University of O...

20 Jun 2023

Māori-centred approach to mental health care highlights role of whānau

Researchers have developed a “groundbreaking” health model to ensure the cultura...

15 Jun 2023

Populism phenomenon in spotlight at Otago Foreign Policy School

Boosted by social media, racism, and burgeoning inequality, populism is proving...

Food waste audit researchers image

12 Jun 2023

Otago to conduct national food waste audit

Otago to conduct national food waste audit....

08 Jun 2023

Smoking and weight can impact daily vitamin C requirements

People who smoke need to consume twice as much vitamin C per day as non-smokers,...

01 Jun 2023

Major CMRF grant to research hallucinations in Parkinson’s Disease

Dr Kyla-Louise Horne has received a significant funding boost for her research w...

Christchurch campus image

31 May 2023

MIHI Bipolar Research team wins prestigious international award

A team from the University of Otago, Christchurch’s, MIHI (Māori and Indigenous...

29 May 2023

Study results prompt call for medicinal cannabis policy evaluation

A New Zealand study into the therapeutic benefits of cannabis has added to the g...

25 May 2023

Why high school kids are saying ‘yeah, nah’ to alcohol

Striking differences in the way high school students socialise may be one of the...

25 May 2023

Study will measure how much breast milk baby is actually getting

Mothers worry about an exhaustive list of things; University of Otago researcher...

Rarangi uplift bench full width image

17 May 2023

Wednesday 17 May 2023, Otago researchers reveal impact of ancient earthquake

By combining the scientific powerhouses of genetics and geology, University of O...

11 May 2023

Third and final reburial for cemetery project

The Southern Cemeteries Archaeological Project will soon be complete, when the t...

10 May 2023

New study reinforces timely need for Pneumococcal Vaccine Switch

New research from the University of Otago, Christchurch, backs a recent Pharmac...

10 May 2023

Coastal People: Southern Skies inaugural symposium in Ōtepoti

The inaugural symposium of the Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) Coastal Peop...

Black and white photograph of a dense forest of slim trees image 650

10 May 2023

Photos give men a voice to discuss mental distress

An innovative research project at the University of Otago, Wellington, is using...

09 May 2023

HIV statistics encouraging, but work not over yet

The number of people diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand last year is encouraging,...

Nick Bowden 2023 thumbnail

08 May 2023

Environment impacts mental health of young people – research

Living in areas with high numbers of fast food, alcohol and gambling outlets, ca...

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