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Tuesday 24 December 2013 1:07pm

ARGOS Dashboard researchers are working hard to have their first prototype for kiwifruit growers ready by the end of January and tested by March 2014.
The prototype is an online package and toolkit to help growers and industry monitor progress towards sustainability and resilience goals.
The ARGOS team has already run a successful trial of a prototype for Sustainable Wine New Zealand registered growers and wineries.
A national roll-out of a perfected version will be in April, when all vineyards and wineries will enter their annual Key Performance Indicators via the Dashboard electronic portal.
The software will automatically link the indicators to other data bases and instantaneously report back to the growers and wineries so they can benchmark their performance against their neighbours and national industry standards.
Previously growers submitted their annual sustainability scorecards via mail or website and there was a delay before they received feedback – so the Sustainability Dashboard is making auditing, compliance and state of environment reporting more efficient and providing rapid feedback for learning by each family and enterprise.
For more information about ARGOS Dashboard, click here

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