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Friday 26 January 2018 12:13pm

The Centre for Sustainability was well represented at the recent 24th International Conference of Agri-food Research Network held in Bandung, Indonesia.

The December conference, which drew scholars from a diversity of disciplines, was organised by former Centre PhD student Dr Angga Dwiartama and had a particular focus on food, youth, and the future of farming in international development.

This was the first time the conference had been held outside of New Zealand or Australia and the location was amazing, says Postdoctoral Fellow Dr James Hale.

“The food and people were great and so accommodating. Every day was exciting navigating Bandung. Some of us got stuck in vans on the rural field trip for 10+ hours one day, which was due to it being a holiday, but also because of the lack of infrastructure on roads. I'd go back for sure though,” he says.

Representing the Centre, James and PhD candidate Rudi Kresna both presented at the conference while Dr Katy-Anne Legun presented, presided over a session, organized the pre-conference, and served as a mentor at the pre-conference. PhD candidate Karly Burch presented and helped with organizing the pre-conference, and visiting student Ismael Tall also presented, along with his advisor and former Centre visitor Jeremie Forney, both from Switzerland.

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