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Monday 31 March 2014 11:21am

The Centre was well represented and well received at the Energy Conference 2014 in Wellington this month.

"The conference theme was 'Going Further with Energy', with a focus on efficiency and productivity," says Director Janet Stephenson.

"That might sound boring, but in fact it was one of the best conferences I have attended, with a strong focus on innovations in both technologies and behaviours for a low-carbon future. The presentations from Centre for Sustainability researchers related to our work in the Energy Cultures and Green Grid research projects, and I had many people congratulating me on the quality of our presentations.

"It's great to know our energy research is relevant and stimulating.”

Dr Michelle Scott said her talk on the uptake of solar (PV) technology in New Zealand was a hot topic at the conference.

"This is a timely topic, as uptake in New Zealand is increasing and is predicted to keep increasing. Other speakers discussed the relevance and potential of PV in NZ. People were enthusiastic and interested in my findings and wanted to discuss them further.”

Janet Stephenson – Efficiency gains through transport transitions: perspectives of international experts
Debbie Hopkins – Changing youth mobility practices: a transformative pathway towards transport efficiency?
Michelle Scott – Greening the grid: motivations for householder uptake of PV
Adam Doering – Energy transitions in transport: toward a more efficient New Zealand
Salma Bakr – Optimizing appliance schedules across neighbourhoods for lower costs and bills

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