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Thursday 16 January 2014 2:46pm

Centre staff and students spoke at the Australasian AgriFood Research Network XX 2013 Conference in Melbourne recently.
Deputy Director Chris Rosin's talk What is resilient intensification? examined what makes intensification desirable to farmers and how this impacts on farmers' evaluation of risk management, efficiency, habitat enrichment and eco-labelling as sources of resilience within production systems.
Former Director Hugh Campbell spoke of the degree to which food waste has made some kind of transition from cultural visibility to invisibility and back to visibility during the 20th Century in his talk The Cultural Visibility of Food Waste: A Re-Examination of 'Waste Transitions' in Food Culture (Co-Authors: Anne Murcott and David Evans).
PhD students Cinzia Piatti and Angga Dwiartama organised a session called “Performing food security: exploring food sovereignty, foodsheds and food policies in an urban context” and also delivered a talk titled Potential and challenges of a bottom-up approach towards an urban food strategy: the case of Dunedin's local food network, which received an honorable mention as one of the best student papers in the conference.
Angga also gave a second talk, titled Can resilience be linked to food security?: A multi-scalar analysis of resilience in Indonesia's rice agrifood system.
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