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Tuesday, 20 September 2022

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As she prepares to sign off for the year Melissa Lama has a few tips to help students with some future-planning.

Getting ready for the end of the year? Well there are few things to do first.

As she prepares to sign off for the year Otago University Students' Association President Melissa Lama has a few tips to help students with some future-planning.

Her first tip is that there is a special postal system in place through OUSA to help make sending belongings home easier and cheaper.

“It's only about $16 for a box - students should take up that opportunity, it relieves some of the pressure on students to help get things home for the break.”

Drop for Good is also on this year.

People who have accumulated furniture, clothing and other items they don't plan on taking with them when they leave at the end of the year can drop these off at the event.

Items donated are then sold off at O-Week the following year to help new students set up their flats.

“It's a social good that OUSA prides itself on. It is for students, by students. It's an affordable way for students to get rid of their things at the end of the year and help others set their flats up.”

But before you get to packing up, there might be a little something you have to get done first.

Melissa also has some wise words to share about exams.

“I do want to encourage students to speak up if they feel they aren't prepared for exams or need more support either through OUSA or the University. I want to remind them they're not alone.

“Grades and exams are a pressured time, but it also doesn't validate your existence. Its' so important to go into this period with a positive and confident mind as well. If you're not feeling confident or prepared, speak up - to your dept or to OUSA.”

And while students are speaking up - OUSA elections and local body elections are both around the corner, and both should be high up on students' list of priorities, says Melissa.

“Students are a strong stakeholder in North Dunedin. One way to participate as a member of the community is to register and actually vote. This is how we can make sure local government looks after students as well.”

For more information on posting boxes home, exam support, Drop for Good and OUSA elections, visit the OUSA site.

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